The TTMS says while the axis of the tropical wave is now west of T&T, the atmosphere remains significantly moist and unstable.

    Periods of rain and/or showers of varying intensities are still expected.

    There is also a 70% (high) chance of occasional heavy showers and thunderstorms that can produce intense rainfall in excess of 25mm.

    Its Yellow Level Adverse Weather Alert remains in effect.

    • Gusty winds in excess of 55 km/h may be experienced especially in the vicinity of heavy showers/thunderstorms.
    • Street/flash flooding and localized ponding are likely in heavy downpours.
    • Landslides/landslips are possible in areas so prone.
    • Do not wade or drive through flood waters.
    • Secure loose outdoor items and livestock.

    Meanwhile, the National Hurricane Centre says surface observations and data from an Air Force Reserve reconnaissance aircraft mission this morning indicate that the broad area of low pressure does not have a well-defined center.

    Although the system is producing a large area of showers and thunderstorms over the southern Windward Islands and adjacent waters, satellite and radar imagery from Barbados show that it is not well organized.

    The system is forecast to move generally westward near the northern coast of South America, and interaction with land is likely to hinder significant development during the next day or so.

    After that time, environmental conditions are expected to become more conducive for development, and a tropical depression is likely to form within the next two to three days when the system is over the south-central Caribbean Sea.

    • Formation chance through 48 hours – medium – 60%
    • Formation chance through 5 days – high – 80%