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“What we need is the will to force change in our leadership culture. Citizens must fearlessly stand up, regardless of party allegiances to say wrong is wrong and will not be tolerated. The stakes are too high for business-as-usual politics. We need unflinching integrity. There’s no more money for corruption” (Paolo Kernahan, columnist)





Councillor: Slow decrease of floods in Bamboo #2

There has been a very slow decrease in the flood water level in the Bamboo #2 community, according to the area’s councillor. Speaking to 103.1FM...

Adverse Weather Alert Discontinued; Flooding Continues

The weather has improved today, but flooding continues in many areas today, in various parts of the country. The high levels of the Caroni and...

Sesame Street’s Bob dies at age 90

Bob McGrath, one of the founding cast members of Sesame Street, has died at the age of 90. The actor’s family says he “died peacefully...

MISSING: 32-year-old Abdullah Abdul-Majied

32-year-old Abdullah Abdul-Majied has been reported missing. Abdullah, of Boundary Road, Aranguez, was last seen around 4pm on November 28th. He is of East Indian descent,...
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