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“Our National conversation about food security suffers from a lack of economic understanding, even when some experts call themselves agricultural economists. No nation can truly feed itself. Different countries have different climates which determine which crops can be grown, and which animals can be reared” (Jean-Claude Escalante, writer in local newspaper)





4 COVID-19 deaths, 79 new confirmed cases, 486 recoveries

There are four additional COVID-19 related deaths, 79 new confirmed cases and 486 recoveries. The deceased are three elderly males and a middle-aged male, all...

ODPM issues warning ahead of Tropical Storm

The ODPM is cautioning persons living in low-lying or coastal areas, near river banks, or living/working in flood or landslip prone areas, to be...

PTC2 continues across Caribbean Sea

Potential Tropical Cyclone Two continues to make its way across the Caribbean Sea. According to an update from the National Hurricane Centre at 11am, conditions...

CAL update on flight disruptions

Caribbean Airlines has advised of further disruptions to its domestic and international flights due to the Tropical Storm Warning issued for T&T. These are as...
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