Tendulkar suggests ‘tweaks’ to One Day format

    (Photo via India Cricket)

    Sachin Tendulkar has suggested tweaking the format of one-day cricket in order to promote a greater balance between bat and ball.

    And he is again suggesting that having “two innings of 25 overs per side” could boost the interest among the spectators as well as the broadcasters.

    Tendulkar explained how his proposal could help deal with dew, which often hinders the team bowling second in the subcontinent, resulting in a more even contest.

    He also suggested that the first five overs of each 25 over inning could constitute the Powerplay as opposed to ten overs first up, and that the bowling side could take three overs of a Powerplay whenever they wanted, leaving two overs with the batting side.

    According to ESPN Cricinfo, he first voiced this idea in 2009, and while it was even considered by the ICC, it wasn’t implemented in the end.