Smith immediately thought of Phillip Hughes after being hit by Archer

    (Photo credit: Getty Images)

    Australia batsman Steve Smith says he thought of the late Phillip Hughes in the seconds after being hit by a Jofra Archer bouncer.

    Hughes died after being hit on the neck by a bouncer in a 2014 Sheffield Shield match at the SCG.

    Players call for help after Phillip Hughes was struck by a bouncer in 2014 (Photo credit: Getty Images)

    Smith did not play in that game but could not help thinking about the eerily similar moment before rising to his feet again.

    He is now considering wearing a StemGuard attachment on his helmet which protects part of the neck.

    However, the batsman who is known to be extremely routine, would have to overcome the significant discomfort he feels when wearing it.

    He says, “I’ve tried them before, and I tried them the other day when I was batting and I reckon my heart rate went up about 30 or 40 straight away. I just feel claustrophobic. I compare it to being stuck in an MRI scan machine.”