Seminars seeks to revive TT wrestling industry

    Promoter Akil Samuel

    A group of wrestling stakeholders is seeking to revive the industry in T&T.

    103.1FM News spoke with promoter Akil Samuel who has teamed up with former pro-wrestler Jillian “Calypso” Ferguson and international wrestler JB Cool.

    Together, they pulled off what Samuel said is the first pro-wrestling seminar in T&T and on May 27th, 28th and 29th, they will be hosting another seminar.

    Persons interested in taking part in the seminar can WhatsApp 868-745-2226 or 868-310-4627 to sign up.

    The aim of the seminars is to help improve the work of those involved in the local wrestling industry and eventually, to create a regional wrestling body called All Caribbean Wrestling.