Review panel submits report into West Indies early T20 exit


    After a poor performance at last year’s T20 World Cup, West Indies cricket is set to get a possible shake-up, following recommendations made by an independent panel.

    This three-member panel interviewed players, coaches and other personnel to find out what can be done to prevent another devastating performance in world cricket.

    The West Indies did not make it to the group stage round of the last T20 World Cup, as the former two-time World Champs were booted out in the qualifiers.

    The panel’s report has been circulated to the CWI’s directors and President Rickey Skerritt says he is looking forward to the Board agreeing to implement the 34 recommendations as soon as possible.

    Commenting on the report, CWI President Ricky Skerritt said: “The quality of this report lends itself to becoming the foundation of the learning and planning culture that we have envisaged for the sustainable improvement of all our cricket teams. It brings great promise and direction after the grave disappointment of our T20 World Cup results. I am extremely grateful for the panel’s commitment to lend so much of their valuable time to this important review project, including carefully interviewing more than 30 players, coaches, administrators, directors, and other stakeholders who I am told spoke so willingly and frankly to the panel. The independent group’s report has been circulated to CWI’s Board of Directors and I look forward to the Board agreeing to implement the 34 recommendations as soon as possible.”

    The panel consisted of West Indies legend Brian Lara, International Coach Mickey Arthur and High Court Judge Patrick Thompson Jr.