ICC announces expanded World Cups, reintroduces Champions Trophy


    The men’s 50-over and T20 World Cups are being expanded while the men’s Champions Trophy is being reintroduced.

    These announcements were made today by the International Cricket Council as part of its schedule of events for 2024 to 2031.

    The 50-over World Cup will become a 14-team, 54-match event in 2027 and 2031.

    It will have two groups of seven with the top three moving to the Super Six, followed by the semis and final – this is the same format used in the 2003 tournament.

    Meanwhile, the T20 version be hosted every two years and will be expanded to a 20-team, 55-match event in 2024, 2026 and 2028.

    There will be four groups of five with the top two from each moving to the Super Eights, followed by the semis and final.

    Turning to the Champions Trophy, an eight-team tournament will be hosted in 2025 and 2029 using the same format as previous editions.

    This means: two groups of four, semis and final.

    The ICC World Test Championship Finals will be hosted in 2025, 2027, 2029 and 2031.