FIFA – only Robert Hadad can discuss use of FIFA facility


    FIFA says it does not recognize the leadership of ousted T&T Football Association President William Wallace, and as such, he does not have the authority to discuss the use of FIFA facilities in the country.

    This follows a letter written by Mr Wallace and several of his colleagues, to National Security Minister Stuart Young, regarding the Government’s interest in using Home of Football, a facility in Central, as a step-down facility for COVID-19.

    Last year, Mr Wallace (who was at the time TTFA President) stated that Home of Football was not fit for use.

    FIFA today issued correspondence to Robert Hadad who was appointed by FIFA on March 17th 2020 to head a normalization committee at the TTFA.

    In that correspondence, it reminds that Mr Hadad and the Committee are the only ones that can lead any discussions regarding the use of Home of Football or any other football related topic.

    It also requested that Mr Hadad forward the letter to the relevant authorities.