Zoological Society supports outright ban on fireworks


    The Zoological Society of Trinidad and Tobago wants an outright ban on the use of fireworks.

    Society President, Gupte Lutchmedial, says the Emperor Valley Zoo has had to invest in measures every year to mitigate the extreme distress to its animals.

    He says after the death of a kangaroo in 2019, they received support from Agriculture Minister Clarence Rambharat on animal welfare issues, with provisions made in the revised Animal Production and Health legislation.

    He adds however that this could not address the fireworks issue directly and it is therefore heartened to see that draft legislation for the regulation of fireworks is out for public comment.

    The Society however is recommending stronger measures than those proposed, and is once again calling for a complete ban on these noise-making fireworks.

    The Society is also is supportive of the view expressed by Minister Stuart Young that fireworks should not be sold to members of the public.

    Instead, it says T&T should look at alternatives being promoted in other countries, such as the use of drones and noiseless fireworks to pull off spectacular displays.