YTC fugitive held over one year after escape


    An inmate of the Youth Transformation and Rehabilitation Centre who escaped custody over a year ago, has been recaptured.

    According to the TTPS, Mnason Ranjassingh escaped lawful custody while attending a Best Village Competition at NAPA in PoS on July 14th 2018.

    Around 4:50am today, (October 25th) acting in intelligence, a team of SORT officers went to a house at Rincon Road, Las Cuevas.

    Ranjassingh was found hiding with two other male occupants.

    He was arrested, while the other two men were detained relative to enquiries for harbouring a fugitive.

    According to reports, Ranjassingh was awaiting trail for the 2014 murder of 54-year-old Dulraj Deodath.