Yara Trinidad Ltd to shut down ammonia plant


    Yara Trinidad Limited is shutting down its ammonia plant in Point Lisas.

    The Yara Plant is fully owned by Yara Trinidad Ltd and is one of three ammonia plants in Savonetta operated by the company.

    The other two, Tringen I and Tringen II, are jointly owned by Yara International ASA and National Enterprises Ltd (NEL).

    According to a release issued today, the company says plant profitability has been impacted by lower ammonia prices.

    It adds that negotiations with NGC have failed to reach an agreement that could sustain its operations.

    As a result, Yara says steps will be taken to safely shut down the plant and cease production of ammonia by December 31st 2019.

    Discussions have also began with the OWTU to assist in mitigating the impact on employees.