Yacht Services Association issues appeal to Govt

    Group of luxury power yachts at a dock in the tropics.

    The Yacht Services Association is appealing to the government to allow international yacht arrivals, as many in the sector are suffering.

    It says the yacht services industry in has been largely shut down, affecting several thousand local incomes, while also losing out on valuable foreign exchange.

    The Association says many international customers cannot access their yachts in storage in Trinidad, while others are unable to sail here for much needed work and repairs.

    The Association says it was able to meet last year with the Ministers of National Security and Finance, and although they gave assurances to revisit the situation, there has been no follow-up meeting.

    Most recently, it says a letter was written directly to the National Security Minister requesting possible exemptions or facilitation for cruisers needing to return to Trinidad.

    Nothing has been granted to date, but it says in addition to the existing approved protocol, it is ready to take any further action deemed necessary for the safe reopening of the sector.

    The Caribbean yachting season generally runs from December to May, and the Association believes another missed or delayed season could be the final nail in the coffin for many in the industry.