World News Headlines – Oct 29th 🌎


    β€’ A Haitian diplomat is appealing to The Bahamas government not to imprison nationals from his country who have been convicted of minor immigration offences.

    β€’ One pre-school in Barbados has re-launched a programme in an effort to get students to cut out their bad behavior.

    β€’ A former Saint Lucia Agriculture Minister has expressed concern over the use of agro-chemicals deemed dangerous or carcinogenic, especially in the banana industry.

    β€’ The UK Prime Minister will try for a fourth time to secure an early general election, after MPs rejected his Brexit plan.

    β€’ An estimated 1.5 million more people in California are set to lose electricity today as a utility firm tries to stop damaged cables triggering wildfires.

    β€’ Two men were captured during the US military’s raid on Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s hideout in Syria and are in US custody.

    β€’ A Nepali mountaineer has climbed the world’s tallest 14 peaks in seven months – beating an earlier record of almost eight years.

    β€’ Thousands of Los Angeles residents have been told to evacuate because of a fast-moving wildfire that began yesterday.