Works Ministry: “Impassable” Mandingo Road closed as landslip damages road


    Mandingo Road, Princes Town has been closed after recent rainfall exacerbated a landslip and damaged the road.

    According to the Works Ministry, the landslip was first seen in November 2020 and, while a house was affected, there was no impending damage to the roadway.

    A second site visit was conducted on December 4th and further deterioration was seen as cracks formed across the roadway.

    The Ministry says recent heavy rainfall made the situation worse and resulted in the loss of the embankment and close to 60% of the road in width near house #119.

    It notes that the road has been deemed impassable and urges motorists to use Realize Branch Road and Sahadath Road as an alternative route.

    The Highways Division will now work to stabilize the affected road through investigations and interim measures.