Works Minister not taking blame for inspection crowds

    Long lines at the Caroni Licensing Office On January 3rd 2019

    Works Minister Rohan Sinanan says he is not to blame for overwhelming crowds at inspection centres.

    Responding to a newspaper editorial today, he reminds that Section 27 of the Motor Vehicles and Road Traffic Regulations requires the registered owner of a vehicle to have inspections done at stipulated timelines.

    And he believes measures introduced to help clear the inspection backlog were sufficient: from granting a five month moratorium, to approving dozens of new inspection stations.

    He insists though that many simply failed utilize the opportunity, and that inspection centres and licensing offices remained virtually empty until the final week of December 2018.

    The Minister believes waiting until the last moment placed an obvious burden on resources at the various inspection stations.

    He admitted to the a depletion of inspection books yesterday but insists this was immediately addressed by the Government Printery.

    He also disputed claims of a shortage of inspection stickers.