Woman hit with fraud charges


    A 31-year-old Sangre Grande woman has been charged with four counts of fraud.

    The charges are as follows:

    • Attempting to obtain $3,500 by false pretences
    • Uttering of a fraudulent valuable security
    • Possession of a fraudulent National Identification Card
    • Uttering of a fraudulent Senior Citizens’ Grant Nomination Card

    Around 2:10pm on May 10th 2021, the woman allegedly submitted a Social Development Ministry cheque to a cashier at Jeewan Food Supplies Limited in Chaguanas.

    The cheque was reportedly payable to a 66-year-old man, in the sum of $3,500.

    The suspect also presented the cashier with two ID cards and a Ministry of Social Development Social Welfare Division Senior Citizens’ Grant Nomination Card.

    The documents appeared suspicious to the cashier who contacted the Chaguanas CID.

    The woman was arrested and later charged for the offences.