Weather affecting water supplies in Tobago


    WASA is advising customers in Tobago that heavy rainfall associated with the passage of Tropical Storm Karen has impacted operations at some of its water treatment facilities.

    Operations at several Water Treatment Plants throughout Tobago have been stopped due to issues such as turbid river conditions, siltation and power failures.

    The water production facilities affected include:

    Charlotteville Intake
    Courland WTP
    Highlands Road WTP
    Hillsborough West WTP
    Richmond WTP
    King’s Bay WTP
    Belmont & Diamond Wells

    Some of the areas affected include:

    Crown Point, Canaan, Bethesda, Pleasant Prospect, Goodwood to Charlotteville, Highlands Road, Bacolet, John Dial, Pumpmill, Darrel Spring, Hope, Government House Road, Calder Hall, Friendsfield, Bagatelle and Belmont Farm Road.

    The affected facilities are expected to return to service when conditions normalise at the various locations. In view of this situation, customers are advised to manage their water use efficiently, as it may take up to 24 hours after restart of the facilities for the restoration of their scheduled pipe borne water supply.

    The Authority wishes to assure customers that the water currently being supplied through its distribution system complies with the Guidelines for Drinking Water Quality of the World Health Organisation and is safe for use.