Water supplies affected in South East Trinidad


    A ruptured pipeline in Tabaquite is affecting pipe borne water supplies to many areas in South East Trinidad, served by the Navet Water Treatment Plant.

    WASA says due to the remote location and nature of the leak, emergency repair works are expected to be completed by 8pm tomorrow.

    Areas affected are: Libertville, Robert Village, George Village, Tableland, Rio Claro, Deep Ravine, Agostini, Clearwater, Rio Claro Tabaquite Road, Cunapo Southern Main Road, Biche, Plum Mitan, Charuma, New Grant, Craignish Village, Matilda, St. Julien, Indian Walk, Hindustan, St. Mary’s Village, Cunjal, Cumuto, Whiteland, Poonah, Piparo, Morne Roche, Princes Town, Manahambre, Iere Village, Sisters Road, Hardbargain, Buen Intento, Malgretoute, Williamsville, Barrackpore, Bronte, Borde Narve and Penal Rock Road.

    This come even as the Pt. Lisas Desalination Plant continues to undergo maintenance, affecting water supplies to Central and South.

    Those works are due to finish tomorrow as well.