Water disruptions in parts of north-east and north-west Trinidad


    Residents in parts of north-east and north-west Trinidad are currently experiencing a disruption in their water supplies.

    In north-east, WASA says the interruption is due to mechanical problems at the North Oropouche Water Treatment Plant.

    It assures though that emergency repairs currently being undertaken are expected to be completed by 6pm tomorrow.

    Areas affected include:

    • Sangre Grande (Town)                Vega De Oropouche
    • Sangre Chiquito                             Manzanilla
    • Coalmine                                         Guaico/Guaico Tamana
    • Malabar Phase 1,3 & 4                 Tumpuna Road
    • San Rafael                                       Brazil
    • La Horquetta                                  Carapo/O’Meara Road
    • Signature Park/Mausica Road     Maloney
    • Five Rivers                                     Oropune Gardens
    • Millennium Park                            Sunrise Park
    • Golden Grove Road

    As a result, WASA is asking residents to manage their water use, as it may take up to 36 hours for the service to normalize to some areas.

    The disruption in north-west Trinidad meanwhile is due to a defective valve along the transmission system serving the area.

    Works there should be completed by 8am tomorrow.

    The areas affected are:

    • La Horquette Road                    Newbury Road
    • Newbury Hill Extension            Kilbracken Road
    • Lornedale Drive                          West Side Drive
    • Irish Avenue                               The Park
    • Gittensdale                                  Edgehill Development
    • West Vale Park                           Glencoe Heights

    The Authority says when repairs are finished it may take up to 6 hours for the pipe borne water supply schedule to normalize.

    In the interim, a limited truck-borne service is available with priority being given to special homes, health care and educational institutions.