Water disruption in Central & South West Trinidad


    Parts of Central and South West Trinidad will see a disruption in their regular pipe borne water supply, due to a cutback in production at the Point Lisas Desalination Plant.

    According to WASA, the plant is currently producing 10 million gallons per day, which is 25 percent of its normal capacity.

    DESALCOTT is currently assessing the extent of the problem, in order to address it the shortest possible time.

    The Plant normally supplies WASA with 40 million gallons per day, which is used to supply the Point Lisas Industrial Estate, and augment the supply to Central and South West Trinidad.

    Until normal operations resume, WASA will re-distribute supplies from its Caroni and Navet Water Treatment Plants, and implement temporary supply schedules.

    Among the areas affected are:

    Caroni                  St. Helena
    Charlieville            Chaguanas
    Cunupia                Carapichaima
    Claxton Bay          Marabella
    Gasparillo              Vistabella
    Gulf View               Union Hall
    La Romaine           Palmiste
    Phillipine                 Rambert Village
    Woodland              Fyzabad
    San Francique        Cocoyea

    Persons are asked to manage their water use efficiently, as it may take 24 to 36 hours for the supply to normalize to affected areas, after the Plant returns to full operation.