WASA – well issues affecting production in Freeport


    WASA says well issues are the primary cause of challenges in maintaining a reliable water supply to those served by the Freeport Water Treatment Plant.

    The company says there has been a reduction in production from two wells at the facility, most recently in September 2020.

    The two wells in question reportedly require re-drilling and extensive rehabilitation works respectively.

    WASA says the situation has significantly impacted the production capacity at the Plant, forcing it to use water from the Caroni Water Treatment Plant to supplement the supply to affected communities.

    The situation was exacerbated recently however by the shutdown at the Caroni Plant
    for maintenance work, as well as the prolonged planned shutdown of the Point Lisas Desalination Plant.

    It adds that it has identified works required to improve the regularity and reliability of the supply to these and other communities and will be implementing them soon.