WASA, T&TEC activate emergency numbers


    WASA and T&TEC are reminding persons of their emergency hotline numbers.


    The Authority says its regular Call Centre numbers – 800-4420/ 4426 – will remain operational from 6am to 10pm.

    It adds that the following contact options will also remain available:

    • WhatsApp (messages only) – 709-7793
    • website live chat at www.wasa.gov.tt
    • Facebook at WASA Trinidad & Tobago

    In the event that the 800 numbers become unavailable, WASA says the following contact
    numbers can be used for Emergency situations during the passage of the tropical storm:

    • North: 790-5298
    • Central: 797-9497
    • South: 781-3554
    • Tobago: 620-8577


    The Commission says its Central Command Centre was activated yesterday.

    Its existing emergency numbers are also active – 800-8832 / 800-2852.

    Two additional hotlines have also been brought online:

    • 794-7264
    • 794-4823

    T&TEC says all mobile substations are on standby, ready to be deployed to areas in greatest need during restoration.

    Two substations have also already been deployed to Tobago and the North Coast.

    Two crews, with accompanying trucks, have been deployed from Trinidad to Tobago to provide additional support on the island.

    Additionally, over 70 crews are on standby nationwide, with separate crews to be routed this afternoon to vulnerable regions in East Trinidad and East Tobago to allow for faster response times.

    To avoid possible flooding, T&TEC says preventative measures have been put in place at all substations.

    Also, the Commission says all key personnel and staff are on full alert, with leave cancelled for all field staff.

    Its tree trimming personnel are available as well to assist with response activities.