WASA: Supply normalizing in Sangre Grande after repairs at plant


    WASA is assuring that the water supply to parts of north east Trinidad, including Sangre Grande, is being normalized, following the completion of emergency repairs at a plant.

    Earlier this week, the authority acknowledged that the supply to several areas was being affected due to damaged power transmission lines at the North Oropouche Water Treatment facility.

    There have been online comments from persons who say they are still not receiving pipe borne water, while some residents have reported that water is slowly returning.

    103.1FM has been told that works have been finished and the supply is being normalized to affected areas.

    Among the areas to have been impacted by the damaged lines are: Sangre Grande, Sangre Chiquito, Manzanilla, Coalmine, Guaico/Guaico Tamana, Malabar Phases 1,3 & 4, Tumpuna Road, San Rafael, Brazil, La Horquetta, Carapo/O’Meara Road, Signature Park/Mausica Road, Maloney Gardens, Five Rivers, Oropune Gardens, Millennium Park, Sunrise Park and Golden Grove Road.