WASA: Issues at South Oropouche Booster Station rectified


    Mechanical issues at the South Oropouche Booster Station have been rectified and supply is expected to return in the coming days.

    According to WASA, affected areas will be supplied as follows:

    • Wednesday 21st: San Francique Road, Doorbassa Trace, Alta Garcia Trace and other side streets
    • Thursday 22nd: Sunrees Road, Azim Ave, Ramjohn Trace, Murderer Hill, Zion Hill and environs
    • Friday 23rd to Saturday 24th: Katwaroo Trace, Katwaroo Branch Trace, Ramdharry Trace, Patiram Trace, Ragoonanan Trace, Batchyia Trace, Ramjattan Trace, Batchyia Village, and environs
    • Sunday 25th September: Debedial Trace, Bernard Trace Aquart Village, Ramdeen Trace, Fazal Ave and environs
    • Monday 26th September: La Costena Gardens, Dil Mohammed Trace, Boodoo Development