WASA and MPs meet; authority addresses water woes in parts of Central and South East


    Citizens in parts of Central and South East Trinidad are being advised by WASA that work is being done to address water supply issues.

    In a media release, the authority first acknowledges problems in Claxton Bay and Couva which it claims are due to disruptions at the Caroni Water Treatment Plant and the Point Lisas Desalination Plant.

    It states that both facilities are now fully functional and supply should completely normalize by Sunday 20th December 2020.

    WASA says it is in need of funding to carry out works to address issues in Calcutta and Freeport but will use supplies from adjacent systems to supplement existing production.

    Turning to water woes in Biche, Stonebright and La Savanne in Mayaro, it notes that leaking pipelines were repaired and it is projected that supply will return by Sunday 20th December 2020.

    WASA’s comments come after a meeting with MPs Anita Haynes, Arnold Ram and Rudranath Indarsingh.