‘Volcano vein’ responsible for Piparo activity, residents prepare to leave if necessary

    (Image via TT Weather Centre)

    The Piparo Mud Volcano itself has not erupted, but there is activity linked to it.

    103FM News spoke with Chairman of the Couva/Tabaquite/Talparo Regional Corporation, Henry Awong, who says a ‘vein’ linked to the volcano seems to be responsible for the road and infrastructure damages reported tonight.

    These include cracks along Pancho Trace, significant damage to a property and a strong sulpher smell.

    Mr Awong also says while no one has been evacuated just yet, residents are preparing for that possibility.

    He says many have been packing belonging, and are waiting to see how the situation progresses.

    When 103FM News spoke with Mr Awong at approximately midnight, he stated that rumbling could still be heard.