Visually impaired student gets six Grade Ones and two Grade Twos at CSEC

    Omar Harrinanan

    A visually impaired student of Bon Air Secondary School has achieved six Grade Ones and two Grade Twos at the CSEC exams.

    Omar Harrinanan has retinal detachment in his right eye rendering it totally blind and “slight cross-eye, slight retinal detachment and low vision” in the other.

    He has been deemed legally blind and this situation, he admitted while speaking to 103.1FM News, hampered his performance at school.

    However, through hard work and the assistance of student services, teachers, other persons and PAVI (Persons Associated With Visual Impairment), Omar persevered.

    Now, he plans to move to the CAPE level as he pursues his dream of travelling the world.

    Omar’s mother, Roxanne Friday said her son’s success sits at the top of the list of things that have brought her joy.

    Omar got Grade Twos in English and Spanish and Grade Ones in Math, Social Studies, Human and Social Biology, IT, Principles of Accounts and Principles of Business.