UWI’s Law Faculty Dean – facility’s practices contravene human rights principles

    (Photo via TTPS)

    The Dean of UWI’s Law Faculty says the practices of the so called Church and Rehab Centre in Arouca contravene human rights principles and standards of ethical and humane conduct.

    69 persons were recused at the facility today- 65 men and 4 women ranging in ages from 20 to their 60’s, with most of them in cages and some handcuffed.

    Professor Rose Marie Belle-Antoine says whatever the reason for their presence at the facility, every person has the right not to be deprived of their liberty, the right to dignity and the right to personhood.

    She says citizens need to confront the reality that serious violations of human rights and other atrocities are occurring in T&T and that persons cannot continue to bury their hands in the sand.

    Professor Belle-Antoine is also calling for more understanding of and support for those suffering from mental health, and homelessness and other difficulties.