UWI unveils Electric Vehicle Charging Station


    UWI St. Augustine has launched its first Electric Vehicle Charging Station on the campus.

    The project was a collaborative effort of the Faculty of Engineering with Massy Motors, BELEC Power and Energy Solutions Limited, the Government Electrical Inspectorate in the Ministry of Public Utilities, and the Electric Vehicle Company of Trinidad and Tobago.

    According to UWI, it is the first Level Two, 230-volt station in T&T to be successfully installed and inspected by the GEI.

    The charging station allows electric vehicles to fully charge in just over four hours.

    A typical electric car (60kWh battery) takes just under eight hours to charge.

    The charging station is open for use by students, staff and invited visitors to the Campus.

    It is located at the parking spot bordering the Faculty of Engineering Building on the southern side of Campus, close to the south gate.