UWI study: Pharmacists stressed, overworked during COVID pandemic

    STOCK IMAGE (Photo credit: Artem Podrez)

    A study by UWI St Augustine researchers has shown that pharmacists have been stressed out during the COVID pandemic.

    According to a release, the university team comprised of Stephanie Mohammed, Professor Andanappa Gadad and Dr. Venkatesan Sundaram along with pharmacist Ryan Mohammed from the Eric Williams Medical Science Complex.

    An online survey was conducted and responses were received from pharmacists in the public and private sector, most of whom were between the ages of 26 and 30.

    Pharmacists reported that they suffered from anxiety and stress resulting from shortages in the supply of medication, increased demands from patients and physicians, having to wear a mask all the time, being overworked and being mostly unappreciated.

    The majority (86.3%) of pharmacists reported that they felt underappreciated for their efforts and suffered from depression, frustration, mental health disorders and lack of economic support.