UWI St. Augustine shares updates on teaching and examinations

    (Photo Credit: Sarah Chandoo/103.1FM)

    UWI has announced a number of updates regarding teaching, assessments, and exams.

    These come after a virtual town hall meeting held on April 23rd with staff and students.

    The decisions are as follows:

    1. The Semester II examination period will continue, but no venue-based examinations will be written during this time. The Campus will, instead, make use of alternative assessment formats for this examination period. Lecturers and Course Coordinators will advise students on the type of assessment that would replace examinations for each course.
    2. Assessments will take place asynchronously, meaning that students will be given a particular time period, anywhere between 24 hours, up to two weeks and in very few cases, up to one month to complete assessments (depending on the programme of study). The decision to administer asynchronous assessment was taken to ensure that students are given adequate time to complete assessments, taking into account current realities.
    3. All financial holds will be removed from students’ accounts until the last day of examinations, June 19, 2020. This hold, known as an Accounts Receivable (AR) Hold, prevents registration, access to grades and transcripts.
    4. As efforts are made to continue to safeguard the health and safety of the campus community, consideration will be given to continuing in a remote delivery format for the summer semester. Further information will be provided in due course regarding whether the summer session will include offerings from various Faculties, or whether it will be limited to Senate approved programmes with a third term (summer session), supplemental exams (where applicable) and re-sits (in keeping with prevailing Faculty and University regulations). Exceptions may be made to virtual delivery, if current restrictions are lifted, for clinical placements, internships, laboratory settings, clinics, clerkships, and other kinds of in-person field learning. Priority will be given to programmes that require summer session courses to complete the requirements for the award of a degree.
    5. The Examinations Section of the Registry is working on processing the award of degrees for students who have completed the requirements for the award of a degree and are awaiting such awards. For all other students approaching completion in Semester II and summer, once final assessments are completed, the Section is working with Faculties to ensure that the process continues – inclusive of the upload of marks, finalising grades and eventually, the award of the degree.
    6. The submission deadline for research projects/practicums/research papers for taught master’s degrees has been automatically extended to December 18, 2020. Additionally, the Office for Graduate Studies and Research continues to receive and process electronic copies of relevant documents related to the submission of documents for research degrees: (MPhil/PhD).
    7. Undergraduate and postgraduate applications for the 2020/2021 Academic Year remain open, with a current deadline of July 10, 2020. Prospective students can access and complete the relevant online application form at sta.uwi.edu/admissions.