UWI-SRC warns of lahars/mudflows in St Vincent

    Lahars observed in the Wallibou River in St Vincent's Red Zone. (Photo Credit: Richard Robertson, UWI-SRC)

    Persons in St Vincent are again being warned to stay out of certain areas, following reports of lahars (mudflows).

    Lahars are fast moving, dense mixtures of rock, ash, vegetation and water originating from a volcano.

    It has the consistency of wet concrete and can cause severe damage to rivers and valleys around the volcano.

    The UWI Seismic Research Centre says rainfall overnight and into this morning has generated lahars in the red and orange zones.

    It warns that some lahars can contain heated material, while flooding can also occur since the flows can block streams and waterways.

    It says persons should not go into areas being affected by lahars unless authorities advise it is safe to do so.