UWI partners with WTO to deliver Trade Policy Courses

    (Photo Credit: Sarah Chandoo/103.1FM)

    The Institute of International Relations at UWI St. Augustine will again partner with the World Trade Organization to deliver Trade Policy Courses.

    This time, these will be done via a virtual platform.

    In 2018, the UWI IIR was selected by the WTO to be its regional partner to deliver trade policy courses in the Caribbean for a period of three years, on the basis of a MOU renewable annually.

    The first Regional Trade Policy Course was delivered in 2019 to 25 participants from 13 Caribbean countries, however COVID-19 prevented the staging of similar courses in 2020 and 2021.

    At the request of the WTO, UWI IIR will deliver an online course between September 12th and December 16th 2022, with a return to a modified face-to-face delivery in 2023.

    The course will consist of three instructional sessions of 3 hours per meeting per week, plus two preparation and planning meetings for the WTO and IIR staff involved.