UWI expands vaccine reach on final two days


    Any person wishing to be vaccinated at the UWI St. Augustine Mass Vaccination Drive can now sign up, with the help of a UWI student or staff member, as the Campus expands access.

    Today, the Campus noted that the last day for first-dose appointments will be this Friday, July 23rd and “to ensure the use of all vaccines allotted to the Campus, we are further expanding appointments.”.

    It noted that “The categories of persons who can access appointments now include persons recommended by any UWI student or staff and Alumni of The UWI.”

    All those who can book appointments for Thursday 22nd and Friday 23rd can include UWI staff and students, Family members of UWI staff or students, Persons recommended by any UWI student or staff or Alumni of The UWI.

    The administering of vaccinations continues at the Campus Vaccination Centre at the University Inn and Conference Centre by appointment only.

    The Campus, via its website also reminded that “individual should not book an appointment if they already have a confirmed appointment to be vaccinated at a local clinic or with another organization. Persons are encouraged to keep those appointments, as this will allow as many members of our community as possible to receive a vaccine.”

    The registration for this UWI vaccination exercise is being done online, via the University’s website, and the link is also posted on its social media pages.

    Registration Info: Click HERE