UWI addresses AR holds for some students


    Officials at the St Augustine Campus of The University of the West Indies are addressing recent issues experienced by students in registering for Semester 2.

    Classes are set to resume virtually on Monday, January 17th.

    The University says online course registration was well underway this week with some students experiencing issues with registration attributed to the placement of Accounts Receivable Holds on Monday, January 10th.

    It says these holds were placed on student accounts found to not be in good financial standing from Semester 1.

    Pro Vice-Chancellor and Campus Principal Professor Brian Copeland insists however that the Campus is committed to assisting all students experiencing registration issues at this time.

    In clarifying the reasons for the placement of holds on student accounts, Campus Bursar Andrea Taylor-Hanna said “Several reasons, including non-payment of fees, may lead to a student not being granted financial clearance. There are a significant number of students who have had their Means Test rate approved by GATE, but who have not submitted their complete set of documents to the Bursary. We also have some tuition fee payments made over the counter at the bank that are not clearly identified.”

    Meanwhile, in an advisory issued via email on January 13th, students were informed that all queries related to AR holds are being processed.

    The University said critical reminders pertaining to the process for submission of key documents as well as GATE was also provided.

    The advisory also indicated that after the hold is released, students should allow 12-24 hours for access to be fully regularised.

    Continuing from the previous semester, UWI says in-person practical sessions (laboratory exercises, etc) approved by the Ministry of Health will continue.