US concerned about risk posed by tilted FSO Nabarima ship

    Photo Credit: Fishermen and Friends of the Sea

    The United States remains concerned by the potential risk to safety and environment posed by the Venezuelan-flagged vessel, Nabarima, in the Gulf of Paria.

    The oil tanker first made headlines early in September for taking in water and tilting, raising the risk of oil spillage into the sea.

    The US says it strongly supports immediate actions to bring the Nabarima up to international safety standards and avoid possible environmental harm, which could negatively impact not only the Venezuelan people but also those in nearby countries.

    It adds that PdVSA (Venezuela’s state-owned oil company) has a responsibility to take action in this matter.

    As a general matter, the United States says its Venezuela sanctions program is not designed to target activities addressing safety, environmental, or humanitarian concerns.

    These activities to avert an ecological disaster are consistent with U.S. policy to support the Venezuelan people and avoid further harm to the environment.