US: $1.2b for Venezuelan crisis, including $11m for T&T’s efforts

    (Photo Credit: Franco Fafasuli/Getty Images)

    The US insists that it has been proactive in lending assistance for the Venezuela regional crisis, having contributed more than $1.2 billion to the cause since 2017 alone.

    This, it adds, includes over $11 million to support Trinidad and Tobago’s efforts in helping Venezuelans living in the country.

    In a statement posted by the US Embassy to its official Facebook page, there was also a defence of sanctions imposed against the South American nation.

    It insists that five years before the US imposed sanctions in August 2017, Venezuela devalued its currency due to shortages in food staples.

    This, followed by a drop in oil production in 2014 and a fall in oil prices led to an economic crisis.

    According to the Embassy, the Venezuela sanctions program is designed to limit sources of revenue for Nicolas Maduro’s regime and promote accountability.

    It insists there are no sanctions or restrictions on the importation of food and medicines to Venezuela.