Unipet condemns fist fight at its Princes Town station


    Unipet continues to review and improve its security measures, following a brawl involving several persons at its Princes Town service station.

    The incident on Sunday was recorded and shared online.

    It shows several persons fighting while parked at the pump, and those involved were seen fist fighting and hurling items in an attempt to hurt each other.

    Unipet has strongly condemned all acts of violence, particularly when they risk the lives of innocent persons.

    However, the company says it “regrets that this incident occurred on our premises and takes the opportunity to remind customers of the need to respect each other and exercise patience at all times. While we are all experiencing the stress and tension of modern day living, it is necessary for us all to dial back and remember to be our brother’s keeper.”

    Unipet says its aim is maintaining the highest level of security for customers and employees at all stations.

    3:30pm Update:

    Meanwhile the TTPS has confirmed that the incident is being investigated by officers attached to the Princes Town Police Station.

    It says no one has been arrested but state that all persons involved have since received medical treatment and are assisting police in the matter.

    Corporal Mohammed of the Princes Town Police Station is leading enquires into the incident.