Union insists on TCL meeting over alleged TPL pension issues


    The OWTU is urging TCL to meet with the union to discuss issues surrounding pension for just under 50 former workers of TCL Packaging Limited.

    Speaking at a media briefing this morning, OWTU Senior Labour Relations Officer, Peter Burke, explained that the union was supposed to meet with the company this morning.

    However, he claimed the company told them that it was advised not to conduct the meeting.

    Mr Burke explained that the issue to be discussed stems from the company’s decision to move the ex-workers’ pension benefits into an insured annuity, allegedly without consultation.

    Mr Burke said there are two documents governing the relationship between the union and the company – the collective bargaining agreement and the principles of good industrial relations – which both insist on dialogue before such an action is taken.

    He said the company’s refusal to meet today is now raising concerns and called on them to meet with the union which is also exploring its other options.