UNC votes in vain against service fee increase at Tunapuna/Piarco Regional Corporation


    The UNC says its councillors and aldermen have voted in vain against a significant increase in fees for services offered by the Tunapuna/Piarco Regional Corporation.

    The UNC claims the Corporation presided over a vote yesterday, stating that the increase was necessary to “offset the shortfall in allocation and release from Central Government”.

    It says adjustments to the fees from three departments were featured: Building Inspector, Public Health and Works Department.

    The party’s five Councillors and two Aldermen reportedly voted against the move, arguing that this was not the right time to increase costs.

    103.1FM News spoke with Councillor for St Augustine South/ Piarco/ St Helena, Richard Rampersad, who says they were outvoted, with the increases to come on stream later in the year.

    Mr Rampersad believes the Corporation should have found other, innovative ways to raise additional revenue.

    He and the UNC are now calling on the Local Government Minister and the other members of the Corporation to reverse the decision.

    Attempts to contact the Corporation’s Chairman and Vice-Chairman have been unsuccessful.