UNC: President “doubly hypocritical” for Parliament speech

    (Photo Credit: Sarah Chandoo/103.1FM)

    The President has come in for criticism from the Opposition for her speech at the ceremonial opening of Parliament.

    Yesterday, President Paula-Mae Weekes called on Parliamentarians to change their behaviours in the new session of Parliament for the benefit of citizens, who she said demand better.

    However, in a media release, the UNC says this doubly hypocritical of the President who it adds was stubbornly silent on issues surrounding the merit list for Police Commissioner.

    Furthermore, it believes the President showed a lack of self-awareness for chastising parliamentarians for not upholding polite behaviour.

    The UNC insists that the substance of democratic debate includes vigorously standing up against oppressive laws and policies.

    The party says its parliamentarians are fulfilling their constitutional duties with distinction.