UNC MP calls for Nabarima report to be laid before Parliament

    (Image via Fishermen and Friends of the Sea on Oct 16th)

    Opposition MP Anita Haynes says the Government seems to be simply “parroting what the Maduro regime says” regarding the status of the FSO Nabarima oil tanker.

    She says recent images taken by Fishermen and Friends of the Sea show the vessel to be noticeably tilted to one side, which is in direct contradiction to what Minister Franklin Khan announced during a media conference on Thursday afternoon.

    Ms. Haynes is calling on the report that was compiled by a team of experts from T&T that visited the tanker on Tuesday to be laid before Parliament.

    She says “the public must be updated as to the actual status of the vessel.”

    The Tabaquite MP also questioned the credibility of the Minister of Energy to speak on the issue, stating that he “previously denied knowing about the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela, nor was he aware of the gas shipments from Trinidad that ended up in Venezuela”.

    MP Haynes also chastised the government for its late response in sending an inspection team to determine the stability of the vessel, “Given that Keith Rowley readily opened our borders to facilitate a meeting with the Vice President of Venezuela Delcy Rodriguez, it is shameful that T&T had to practically beg the Venezuelan regime to have access to the Nabarima.”