UNC marks 32nd anniversary of the Aranjuez Mandate

    (Photo Credit: Sarah Chandoo/103.1FM)

    The UNC today marked the 32nd anniversary of the Aranjuez Mandate, marking the establishment of the party.

    In a release to mark the occasion, it assured that it still follows the principles on which it was founded, and vowed to advocate policies that promote social mobility and aspiration.

    Below is the UNC’s full statement:

    “Today marks a significant moment in the history of the United National Congress. On this day, October 16th, 1988, thousands of patriots thronged the Aranguez Savannah, ready to work towards building our great nation.

    Those patriots gave Mr. Basdeo Panday the mandate to establish our beloved and resilient party.

    The UNC was born out of the struggle for equality, social justice, and opportunity for all, founding principles that continue to guide our party till this day.

    The foundation laid by Mr. Panday and other Stalwarts such as Dr Rampersad Parasram, (our founding Chairman), the late Mr. Kelvin Ramnath, and Mr. John Humphrey has allowed successive generations to continue to build upon our proud legacy.

    The party has grown, but we continue to hold strong to our founding principles and we remain the only party for all the people of Trinidad and Tobago. The UNC remains the most diverse, inclusive and all-encompassing party to have ever existed within T&T.

    Today, our party stands resolute in our commitment to the people of Trinidad and Tobago. The UNC is the only party that represents the needs of the middle class and working poor. We continue to advocate for policies that promote social mobility and aspiration.

    As our nation faces the current Covid-19 global pandemic as well as an economic crisis exacerbated by the incompetent and authoritarian Rowley regime, the people of Trinidad and Tobago need strong, mature and visionary leadership. They are looking to the UNC to defend our Constitution and our freedoms.

    Standing on the shoulders of our founders, the UNC will never stop fighting for democratic values, equality for all our people, and progress for our beloved twin-island nation of Trinidad and Tobago.

    On this anniversary we face a new challenge, not so much different than the ones thirty years ago, the challenge of an uncaring oppressive Government that is determined to exploit the citizens. As we battle this “twindemic” of COVID-19 and the Rowley Regime, together, we will walk side by side with you and work to ensure that the welfare of the people of Trinidad and Tobago remains the number one priority.

    We wish to thank all members for their unwavering support over the decades and to all those who have supported us in the recent General Elections, we say thank you. It is because of you we continue this fight.

    The months ahead will be difficult, and once again, citizens who wish to create a brighter future for their children and grandchildren will be called upon to step forward. We invite you to join with the UNC as we work towards that vision of a stronger, more united Trinidad and Tobago.”