UNC: Is there a ploy by the Government to free Marlene?

    (Photo Credit: UNC Facebook)

    The UNC has described Dr. Keith Rowley’s claims that the Opposition Leader tipped off Marlene McDonald prior to her arrest as ‘falsehoods’.

    The party is questioning whether there is a ploy by the Government to bring the police and Marlene’s court case into disrepute in order to assist her in escaping the charges.

    It adds that it will ensure the alleged plot will not occur and will “bolt Marlene McDonald to Dr. Keith Rowley’s chest.”

    The UNC claims the PM, Marlene and the AG have contradictory details regarding the tipping off claim.

    The party also quoted the Commissioner of Police who earlier in the week denied that there was a leak of the Marlene arrest from his officers.



    Is there a ploy by the Rowley Government to bring the police and Marlene’s court case into disrepute in order to assist Mrs McDonald in escaping the charges? The UNC will ensure that this nefarious plot does not occur and will bolt Marlene McDonald to Keith Rowley’s chest. 

    Over the past week, we have seen the most pathetic attempts by the Rowley Government to create another debacle such as emailgate. True to form Keith Rowley in his usual cowardly style of a bully used parliamentary privilege just as with emailgate to throw out falsehoods in the public domain.

    This woeful Prime Minister and his government need to go back to the drawing board and get their lie straight. Rowley, Marlene and Faris all have contradictory details in their fable. All three have different timelines, all three have no evidence, Faris says Marlene is telling the truth about it but at the same time says she is lying about him telling her he looked into the potential arrest and it was not true.

    Faris says it is a fact, but in fact, his “facts” are hearsay from the mouth of the woman who is facing charges and has 22 witnesses against her. This is a case of he-said-she-said and they-said-them-said and should not be occupying the national discourse. This is the same man who up to this day cannot identify his own children. This is the same man who as Attorney General participates in a contract signing with a Chinese company for a bad deal and then says he didn’t know the details. Then goes on in a subsequent interview to say it’s no-fuss because a new contract will be better than the previous one but then says he didn’t read the previous contract so he can’t answer any questions on it. Faris is the same person to whom Marlene McDonald as Minister of Public Administration rented a building from without competitive tender for 23 million dollars.

    The country is dealing with three PNM persons who have no credibility, an email fabricator, a person charged for money laundering and a fool. The country is fed up of them. They have no plans, policies, projects or achievements.

    The UNC clearly sees the nefarious plot being perpetrated by the government. It is clear as day that the Rowley government is attempting to bring the investigating police officers into disrepute.

    Faris is quoted as saying “How could the Leader of the Op­po­si­tion have in­for­ma­tion, which I am sure, comes from low­er-rank­ing po­lice of­fi­cers of po­lice in­ves­ti­ga­tions?” He is accusing investigating police officers of misbehaviour in a case where his colleague who gifted him a 23 million dollar rental deal is charged. There seems to be a ploy by the Rowley Government to bring the police and this court case into disrepute in order to assist Mrs McDonald in escaping the charges.

    The UNC will ensure this criminal plot will not occur and will bolt Marlene McDonald  to Keith Rowley’s chest.The Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith has been quoted as saying “It is ab­solute­ly im­pos­si­ble that any­one could have made such a state­ment and be ac­cu­rate about it be­cause sev­er­al weeks be­fore there was noth­ing re­mote­ly close to go­ing ahead to con­firm any MP was to be ar­rest­ed.” He also said pri­or to the de­ci­sion to ar­rest Mc Don­ald there were con­sul­ta­tions with the Di­rec­tor of Pub­lic Pros­e­cu­tions as well as a Queen’s Coun­sel. He said up to three days be­fore the ar­rest no of­fi­cer, him­self in­clud­ed, knew of the in­tend­ed ac­tion. The Po­lice Com­mis­sion­er al­so said that he has con­duct­ed an in­ter­nal probe and was as­sured by his of­fi­cers that no such breach oc­curred.  The commissioner of Police has made it crystal clear that no one could have known about any arrest as there was no plan to arrest Ms McDonald at that time. The Rowley Government just as with the emailgate has come to the population with another big lie.

    Yet one has to question the motives of some media personnel who despite all the inaccuracies, inconsistencies and blatant lies coupled with the strong rebuttal from the Commissioner of Police continue to harass the Leader of the Opposition. The UNC will continue to engage the population with our plans and policies to get our country working again because that is what real people are interested in, we urge all supporters to do the same. The country already knows that the Rowley Government are fools, they should have stopped after emailgate, we don’t need any more proof of their idiocy.