UNC calls on Ministry to launch urgent query of CAPE grading discrepancies


    The UNC is calling on the Education Ministry to launch an urgent query into the grading discrepancies in this year’s CAPE exam.

    There were incidents of local CAPE students being “ungraded” in certain subjects, some received very low grades despite excelling in previous exams, and others received grades that did not correspond with their academic profiles.

    Tabaquite MP Anita Haynes says while it is customary to receive reports of irregularities, the numbers have been significantly higher this year.

    She says the issue is frustrating CAPE Unit 1 students who are under pressure applying to universities across the world,.

    Meanwhile CAPE Unit 2 students who have already received provisional acceptance from some universities have been slapped with Grades IV, V and Ungraded, which now leaves them uncertain of their future.

    She adds that students and parents are now being forced to pay EC$60.00 to file a reassessment for each subject area.

    She has since called on the Education Minister and the Chief Education Officer to immediately demand a response from the CXC regarding the inconsistencies in the results.

    The Education Minister addressed the matter earlier today.

    Read more on her statement HERE.