UNC calls on EBC to investigate “anomalies” in 4 marginal constituencies


    The UNC has expressed concern about possible discrepancies in four marginal constituencies, and is calling on the Elections and Boundaries Commission to investigate in a transparent and unbiased manner.

    The party says over the past four years, it embarked on a house to house examination of the list of registered voters in each constituency, to physically meet each voter.

    It claims to have discovered 1,684 inconsistencies and anomalies in the La Horquetta/Talparo, Moruga/Tableland, St Joseph and Tunapuna constituencies.

    It alleges that persons appearing on the list of registered voters were found to not be residing at the given voter address or had no historical links to the area.

    The UNC claims to have submitted its findings and concerns to the EBC on October 4th, but is yet to receive any correspondence.

    It adds that an investigation is imperative, given the upcoming elections.

    Attempts to contact the EBC have so far been unsuccessful.