UNC calls for PM to apologize to women for ‘sari skit’


    Another call is being made for the Prime Minister to apologize to all women for the yellow sari skit performed at a PNM family day last week Sunday.

    The play caused outrage among the Hindu community who said it insulted their religion while several women groups said it depicted violence against females.

    After a letter was delivered to Dr Keith Rowley on Friday demanding an apology, he did so at a PNM meeting in Arima on Saturday night.

    But, UNC Deputy Leader Khadijah Ameen says the issue goes far beyond that of the Hindu community.

    Audio:Ameen apology 20 08 18

    Also weighing in on the issue was Pundit Satyanand Maharaj of the Satya Anand Ashram.

    Audio:Satyanand Women 20 08 18

    Meanwhile, Ms Ameen responded to the PM’s suggestion for citizens to be educated about each other’s culture.

    Audio:Ameen education 20 08 18

    Yesterday, former Minister Devant Maharaj issued a statement in which he too called on the Prime Minister to apologize to women.