UN launches initiative to help Venezuela refugees


    The UN Refugee Agency has launched an initiative to help millions of refugees and migrants from Venezuela.

    The regional Refugee and Migrant Response Plan was launched in Geneva, Switzerland today and is the first of its kind in the Americas.

    It has been billed as an operational blueprint, coordination template and strategy for responding to the needs of Venezuelans on the move, and securing their social and economic inclusion in the communities receiving them.

    The RMRP, which is also an appeal for funding, focuses on four key areas: direct emergency assistance, protection, socio-economic and cultural integration and strengthening capacities in the receiving countries.

    The UNHCR says although Venezuelans have been leaving the country for several years, this increased in 2017 and further accelerated in 2018.

    During 2018, an estimated average of 5,500 people have been leaving the country every day.

    Many are seeking to escape the ongoing socio-economic and political crisis, which has been labelled among the worst ever experienced in the Americas.


    (Photo by BBC – Venezuelan refugees queue outside the Brazilian Immigration Point in the border city of Pacaraima, Roraima)