UK murder convict deported to T&T


    After serving a 10-year sentence in London for luring her boyfriend to his death, 25 year old Samantha Joseph has been deported to T&T.

    According to the UK’s Daily Mail, she was convicted of murder and jailed for life in 2009 for her part in the 2008 death of 15 year old Shakilus Townsend.

    He was reportedly led to a dead-end road in south London where he was beaten with a baseball bat and stabbed six times by a gang of masked and hooded teenagers.

    Joseph was reportedly released after a hearing in prison, with a spokesman saying the Parole Board would have carefully looked at any evidence of behaviour change with great care and public safety, as a priority.

    The gruesome crime was reportedly turned into a BBC Three drama called My Murder in 2012 with Star Wars actor John Boyega playing Townsend.