Uber to launch job app


    Uber is set to launch an app to put casual workers in touch with employers.

    Uber Works will allow cleaners, bar staff and warehouse workers to compare pay rates and sign up for shifts.

    According to the BBC, the app launches on Friday, but will initially only be available in Chicago.

    In a blog statement, Uber pointed out that millions of American workers use staffing agencies.

    But it believes the process can be made more transparent and faster for both employees and firms.

    The new app comes as several parts of the world tighten regulation around Uber’s operations as a ride-hailing firm.

    In T&T, operations were affected by laws against private cars operating as taxis.

    Meanwhile the US state of California recently passed legislation designed to pave the way for so-called “gig workers” to become employees and gain additional rights, which is expected to increase costs for firms such as Uber.